I have been providing expert witness and consultant services in support of intellectual property litigation relating to computer software and hardware since 1999. The cases I have worked on span a wide and diverse range of application areas. I am particularly adept at taking large, complex bodies of source code for computer systems, quickly and accurately forming an in-depth understanding of the operation of the systems, and then determining the relationships between the systems and the claims of relevant patents (in the case of patent litigation), or between the systems and other systems (in the case of trade secret or copyright litigation).

My legal training combined with over twenty years of professional and academic experience in computer science gives me a unique viewpoint as an expert witness and consultant. My legal training and experience allow me to more easily understand the perspective of the attorneys with whom I work. I am better able to grasp the legal requirements of the work for which they have hired me, and produce reports and exhibits that directly support those needs. I perform my analyses with an understanding of the underlying legal principles involved, resulting in reports that directly address the specific issues in question.

Throughout my professional and academic career in computer science I have always been very "hands on." I pride myself on being able to efficiently and effectively analyze large quantities of information, including standards, documentation, and software and hardware source code. My ability to quickly gain a thorough understanding of a complex system saves clients money, while giving them reliable information necessary for making important decisions regarding complex litigation.

Besides my technical and professional skills and abilities, I am also a strong team player and easy to get along with. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your team.

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